Examples of Android Applications to Help Work Better

Examples of Android Applications to Help Work Better
Some of these android applications can be used as tools to improve work results because they relate to the speed of socialization communication for the speed of company management's understanding and the speed of agreement among workers in deciding an action and the speed of this socialization communication will reduce a number of wastages of time, materials and costs that affect gross profit.

Here are 6 selected Android applications as tools to improve the results of the works seputarpabrik.com version.
  1. WhatsApp
  2. Telegram
  3. Gmail
  4. Google Calendar
  5. Trello
  6. OneDrive
1. WhatsApp from Facebook

This application is the most popular and most widely used for chatting, voice calls, video calls, teleconferences, sending data and images. WhatsApp is used as a tool to improve work results through the speed of communication and socialization related to work problems.

2. Telegram from Telegram FZ-LLC

Chatting, voice calls, sending data and images run on the Android, iOS, Window Phones, Window, Mac OS and Linux platforms.

Each device with this platform can open Telegram together. For example, when at the office, the telegram is opened on a laptop and when in the field it is opened on a cellphone or opened on 2 cellphones at once and if one of the batteries is low Batt, it is still connected by telegram on the other cellphone.

Telegram is already cloud-based so there is no need to download message data and conversation data when using it so that Telegram access speeds are faster than other Android applications without a cloud base. All data and media are stored in the cloud, if our cellphone is damaged, the data and media are still stored safely, just open them on other devices.

Some of Telegram's excellent features:
  • Telegram privacy settings allow hiding the phone number.
  • The report as spam function is able to block spammer messages.
  • Telegram conversations use the MTProto protocol, meaning that there is a guarantee of security and fast delivery even if the internet connection is not stable.
  • The end-to-end encryption feature in the form of a secret chat allows no traces of conversations on Telegram. If the self-destruction feature is activated, messages and media will disappear by themselves on both the recipient's and the sender's devices according to the sender's time settings.
  • Since January 30, 2018 Telegram has increased the group member capacity to 100,000 members.
  • Telegram does not limit the amount of file and media storage. You can upload or store thousands of documents, music and movies and share them with friends and groups because of Telegram's ability to send up to 1.5 GB per file.
3. Gmail from Google LLC

Email is a means of communication and information is more official. Email represents PIC's approval if PIC is not available. Email is one of the bridges connecting the company with outsiders such as customers or vendors. Email is also a substitute for employee pay slips so that it is more efficient.

The speed of accessing Gmail exceeds the speed of other android email applications based on internet research.

The Gmail application can be used for multiple email accounts at once, both for 1 type of account and for several different accounts such as Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, Exchange, Office 365 and company business email accounts.

How to set up the Gmail application for company business email if it doesn't work in POP3 settings, then all that's left is to switch it to IMAP settings. Don't worry there are no incoming email notifications because you can set your Gmail refresh in the time you want.

4. Google Calendar from Google LLC

Google Calendar is used as a means of communication to socialize the management agenda so that all parties can prepare well in advance before the time for implementing the agenda. This includes if there is a change in plans, the people involved can find out about it immediately.

Examples of agendas on Google Calendar include discussion agendas with certain departments, machine maintenance schedules, coordination meetings, report presentations and customer visit schedules.

If this application is installed on the cellphone, it will provide agenda notifications via email notifications or directly on the main screen of the cellphone.

5. Trello from Trello Inc

Trello is an application for managing a project or a particular job involving many people, and everyone can contribute to updating progress until it's finished. Trello can replace equipment history records or any work that has been done on the equipment.

Examples of application in production include the production process of new products. Several cross-departmental people will be involved in completing this work according to their respective duties. Everyone can monitor the overall progress of the process and provide contributions or information on which parts have been completed so that the project is completed immediately.

Examples of implementation in Maintenance include monitoring certain machines. Each Maintenance section such as Mechanical and Electrical will provide a data report on any work or repairs carried out on the machine. This overall data then replaces manual machine history records.

The Trello program can be opened on mobile and desktop.

Trello can be integrated with other application programs such as Gmail and Telegram so that when someone updates a job on Trello, there will automatically be a notification via email or telegram.

6. Microsoft OneDrive from Microsoft Corporation

Is an online data storage service application ranging from 5 GB to 1000 GB (1 TB) in the form of Word, Excel, Power Points, OneNote, images and videos. The data can be edited together anywhere.

Microsoft OneDrive supports operating systems such as Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS and iOS so that it can be accessed by a variety of different devices. You and your colleagues who are far apart can collaborate to edit 1 file together.
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