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  1. The laws that we comply with at this time are the laws that apply in Indonesia in the form of courts based on the ITE Law and international law in the form of lawsuits.
  2. This law is a protection against misuse of material content without our permission, protection for the personal safety of users and protection for our copyrights.
  1. All content on this blog is made based on our good faith as general information in terms of sharing our knowledge and work experience.
  2. The limitations of our abilities and knowledge mean that the content we create cannot be used as absolute knowledge and we do not provide guarantees because of our limitations, what is true now may be wrong at other times because it has been replaced with other truths.
  3. Every action based on the findings of the information in this blog you then apply, then control of the risk is in your own hands, however, we have worked hard to help you find a solution that you may be facing at this time.
  4. This site contains external links that direct to other sites. In this case we strictly enforce only quality external links to keep them useful to you. However, we have no control over the content of these external sites which may have changed at any time without our prior knowledge so that the content of these sites is not useful.
  5. And only you can consider the good and bad risks by continuing to use the site.
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In subsequent developments, if there are adjustments to the privacy policy, we can change this privacy policy at any time and these changes are listed on this page.

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