Mobile Equipment Handover Procedure

Mobile Equipment Handover Procedure
Here what is meant by Mobile Equipment is the equipment that moves locations following the work project, but these assets are stored and cared for at the factory site when they are not being used or the project work has been completed.

A minimum of 1 maintenance worker is required to maintain movable assets while at the factory and know the latest condition of these movable assets.

What equipment is included in this movable asset inventory?

Depending on the service sector of each company - each. For example, a company providing road construction and repair services, the movable asset equipment is wheel loaders, excavators, movable compressors, hammer jigs and other equipment to support the work of the project.

Examples of movable assets in companies providing tank cleaning services for petroleum transport vessels are movable diesel compressors, diaphragm pumps, manifolds, exhausts, air hoses, air winches to breathing apparatus, and even heavy equipment can be included in this category.

The procedure for handing over movable assets involves the General Affair (GA) Department, Maintenance and Project Manager departments.

The procedure for handing over movable assets applies to 2 categories of transfer of movable assets, namely:
  1. Transfer of movable assets
  2. Receipt of movable assets
1. Delivery of movable assets

The project manager prepares data on the need for equipment to support project work in writing and submits it directly or by email to the directors with a copy to GA, Maintenance and Transportation at least a week before the day of departure for the project.

After the directors give approval, automatically the part involved in the transfer of movable assets will follow up as follows:
  • GA is preparing for the departure of these movable asets, it does not rule out the need to mobilize heavy equipment such as forklifts and cranes when loading moving assets.
  • Maintenance performs final testing of movable assets to prevent damage when operating in the field and prepares spare parts if damage occurs during project use.
  • Transport prepares a delivery fleet along with manifest documents, vehicles, drivers and travel allowances.
A list of movable assets is included in the form for sending and receiving movable assets along with their quantities and specifications.

The maintenance officer sorts the movable assets as needed, followed by packaging so that they are not mixed with the movable assets that are not carried.

Furthermore, the process of handing over the movable assets to the project manager by signing the form for sending and receiving movable assets, but previously the project manager has confirmed the physical condition of the movable assets.

The movable asset handover form is made in duplicate, one of which is held by the maintenance officer as a record of the equipment list and as a manifest supporting travel document.

Document the movable assets delivered so that they can provide an overview of the physical condition of the movable assets before and after the project is used.

2. Receipt of movable assets

The project manager provides information regarding the return of movable assets through a notification of at least 1 day prior to the arrival of the movable assets.

This notification is submitted officially and in writing via email to the board of directors with a copy to GA and Maintenance.

If there are obstacles to receiving at the factory, for example there is no heavy equipment for unloading or personnel are unable to attend and other obstacles, GA will submit a request for a delay in the time for sending back the movable assets.

This delay will result in space rental costs and additional project operational costs.

GA, maintenance and project manager together to collect data on mobile assets.

The project manager provides information in the description column for damaged movable assets, or the amount does not match the amount at the time of delivery and the project manager immediately prepares an official report.

When there is loss and damage to movable assets not caused by negligence, a purchase proposal is immediately made to replace the damaged or lost assets by the project manager to purchasing.

GA, maintenance and project manager jointly sign the form for sending and receiving movable assets for closing.

The process of sending and receiving movable assets for the purposes of project work outside the factory must all be well documented and follow the handover procedure due to the high risk of these movable assets being lost during the project period, so that when they return to storage at the factory it is well indicated by each part.

The maintenance officer continues to carry out his duties. Movable assets are immediately sterilized through washing to remove project environmental influences such as sea salt or acid contamination.

For non-machinery moving assets, lubrication is carried out with oil or rust remover so that it is not corrosive during storage.

Except for movable assets in the form of diesel compressors or generators, they are treated differently because
  • Needs periodic maintenance.
  • Repair when there is a crash in the project.
  • Treatment in the form of heating every day.
All movable assets are required to have operational permits for those engaged in the environmental sector and are required to renew permits every year so that they can always operate.
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